Dairy Transport Assurance Scheme

Dairy UK

 Associated Milk Purchasers

Arla Foods
County Milk Products Ltd
Fayrefield Foods
First Milk
Fresh Milk Company
Leprino Foods Limited
Müller Milk & Ingredients
Organic Herd
Saputo Dairy UK


Status of DTAS Members' Depots

Green indicates that it is more than six weeks until the current certificate expires.
Amber indicates that it is less than six weeks until the current certificate expires.
Red indicates that the current certificate has expired.
Note: As from 1st May 2023, the DTAS Standards are now based on a modular format, whereby members are certified for those aspects of the scheme that they undertake and the annual audits are conducted on this basis.
All members have to comply with Module A: General Management and members indicate which of the following additional modules will also be included in their audits, according to the scope of their operations:
  Module B: Sub-depots, Outbased Reloads (OBR) and Use of Lay-bys
  Module C: Farm Collection and Roadside Collection
  Module D: Reload
  Module E: Milk Fractions
  Module F: Depot On-site CIP
As the audits take place over the forthcoming year, the table below will be updated to indicate which of the modules have been included in the audit for an individual site and, therefore, which aspects of the DTAS Scheme it is certified for.

Certified Modules

Certified Until

Audit Date
Alvis Contracting Lye Cross Farm   30/03/2024 Download  
Arla Foods Aylesbury A, B, C, D, E 28/05/2024 Download  
Arla Foods  Burton Upon Trent   14/03/2024 Download  
Arla Foods  Chester A, B, C, D 12/09/2024 Download  
Arla Foods Four Crosses   10/01/2024 Download  
Arla Foods Lockerbie   24/02/2024 Download  
Arla Foods Stourton A, B, C, D 16/09/2024 Download  
Arla Foods Westbury   21/03/2024 Download  
Wm Armstrong Ltd Townfoot, Longtown A, B, C, D, E, F 31/07/2024 Download  
Baltier Farming Company Ltd Baltier Farm   28/02/2024 Download  
SJ Bargh Ltd Lancaster A, B, C, D, E, F 06/10/2024 Download  
SJ Bargh Ltd The Shires, Longton A, B, C, D, E, F 05/10/2024 Download  
Berkeley Farm Dairy Swindon   Joined on 16/10/2023 - first audit to be scheduled.  
R & EJ Bowker Llanymynech A, E 21/09/2024 Download  
Buckley Farm Dairy Denby Dale A, C 11/11/2024 Download  
Carron Transport Ltd Stewartstown A, C 28/06/2024 Download  
Chew Valley Dairy Court Farm   31/01/2024 Download 10/01/2024
S Connolly & Sons Ballygowan   01/03/2024 Download  
Conway Bailey Transport Redruth   26/05/2024 Download  
Cotteswold Dairy Ltd Tewkesbury   24/03/2024 Download  
Creamline Dairies Eccles A, C, D, E, F 04/09/2024 Download  
Dale Farm Cooperative Dunmanbridge A, C, E 15/09/2024 Download  
Dale Farm Cooperative Pennybridge A, C, E 14/09/2024 Download  
Dales Dairies Grassington   18/02/2024 Download  
Dalton Livestock Dalton A, C, D, F 07/07/2024 Download  
Dennis Distribution
Malton A, C, E 05/08/2024 Download  
J&E Dickinson Longley Farm A, C, D, E 28/11/2024 Download  
Edwards Haulage (Ruabon) Ltd Marchwiel A, D, E 02/11/2024 Download  
Edwards Transport (Shropshire) Ltd Market Drayton A, E 13/10/2024 Download  
Embleton Hall Dairies Murton Hall Farm A, C 20/06/2024 Download  
Frazer Haulage Ltd Magheralin   15/02/2024 Download  
Freightage Ltd Tidenham A, B, C, D, E, F 23/05/2024 Download  
P. Gallagher & Son Ltd Newtownstewart A, C 29/09/2024 Download  
Graham's the Family Dairy Ltd Airthrey Kerse, Bridge of Allan A, B, C, E 17/05/2024 Download  
Gregory Distribution Ltd Cross Hands A, B, C, D 22/06/2024 Download  
Gregory Distribution Ltd Cullompton   14/01/2024 Download  
Gregory Distribution Ltd Davidstow A, B, C, D 02/12/2024 Download  
Gregory Distribution Ltd Evercreech A, C, D, E 10/12/2024 Download  
Gregory Distribution Ltd Haverfordwest A, B, C, D, E 04/12/2024 Download  
Gregory Distribution Ltd North Tawton A, B, C, F 04/07/2024 Download  
Gregory Distribution Ltd Whitland A, C, D 24/10/2024 Download  
Hayfields Dairy Audlem   First audit to be scheduled  
Isle of Man Creamery Cronkbourne A, C 31/07/2024 Download  
Jacksons Dairies Ltd Hazel Grove   11/03/2024 Download  
Jersey Dairy Trinity, Jersey A, C 07/06/2024 Download  
John Mackirdy Ltd Rothesay   01/04/2024 Download  
W.A. Keen Transport Telford   07/12/2023 Download  
M Keys Transport Ltd Clogher   31/03/2024 Download  
Lancashire Farm Dairies Rochdale A, B, C, D 16/06/2024 Download  
R. Leigh (Loggerheads) Ltd Pinewood Farm, Loggerheads A, C 27/06/2024 Download  
Llaeth Cymreig Cyf Penlanymor   20/01/2024 Download  
Long Clawson Dairy Ltd Long Clawson   02/03/2024 Download  
Lowcock Transport
R W Loxton New Close Farm   12/05/2024 Download  
Mark Hunter Ltd Haverfordwest   15/02/2024 Download 17/01/2024
MDS Distribution Ltd Llanfyrnach   15/02/2024 Download 18/01/2024
MilkTrans Rasharkin   18/02/2024 Download  
M.J.Refrigeration Transport Ltd Nesscliffe   24/02/2024 Download  
Mona Island Dairy Limited
  Joined on 29/09/23 - first audit to be held on 8 December.  
Montgomery Tank Services Newtownabbey A, E 29/09/2024 Download  
Müller Milk & Ingredients Amesbury A, B, C, D 25/05/2024 Download 30/10/2023 (Module F)
Müller Milk & Ingredients Bellshill A, B, C, D, E 16/10/2024 Download  
Müller Milk & Ingredients Bridgwater A, B, C, D, E 14/09/2024 Download  
Müller Milk & Ingredients Manchester A, B, C, D, E, F 10/10/2024 Download  
Müller Milk & Ingredients
Market Drayton A, B, C, D, E, F 05/07/2024 Download  
Müller Milk & Ingredients Stonehouse A, B, C, D 17/11/2024 Download  
TP Niven Charlton Adam   01/03/2024 Download  
TP Niven Lockerbie A, B, C, D, E, F 21/06/2024 Download  
TP Niven Mauchline A, B, C, D, E, F 28/11/2024 Download  
TP Niven Stranraer A, B, C, D, E 05/09/2024 Download  
North Down Grain Ltd Newtownards A, C 02/06/2024 Download  
North Lakes Foods Penrith A, C, F 01/09/2024 Download  
Parkham Farms Ltd Higher Alminstone Farm A, C 06/06/2024 Download  
Pattemores Transport Ltd
Misterton   20/04/2024 Download  
Paynes Dairies Boroughbridge A, C 12/05/2024 Download  
Richard Thomas Transport Llwyncelyn   27/03/2024 Download  
Rivermead Dairy Ltd Westcott Farm   20/02/2024 Download  
Road Tank Solutions Ltd Ballymena A, D, E 17/11/2024 Download  
Seaways Services (UK) Ltd Simonstone Garage A, D 15/06/2024 Download  
G & J Shuttleworth Neales Yard, Morecambe A, D, E 17/05/2024 Download  
Sitra NV leper, Belgium   10/02/2024 Download  
South Caernarfon Creameries Chwilog A, B, C, D, E 25/07/2024 Download  
South Lakes Organic Milk Swarthmoor   05/05/2024 Download


TG Trans Ltd Strabane A, C 30/05/2024 Download  
Trewithen Dairy  Lostwithiel A, C, D, E 26/11/2024 Download  
Turners (Soham) Ltd Bunwell A, B, C 25/10/2024 Download  
Turners (Soham) Ltd Sheffield Park A, B, C 03/12/2024 Download  
Valley Transport Services Ltd Frome   Joined on 16/10/2023 - first audit to be scheduled.  
H Walker & Son Manor Farm, Garford   01/04/2024 Download  
JH Willis Ltd Gresford Bank, Wrexham   25/04/2024 Download  
Wilson of Kendal Ltd High House Farm   20/04/2024 Download  
Wincanton Group Aldermeads A, B, C, D, E, F 31/05/2024 Download  
Wincanton Group Devizes   31/01/2024 Download  
Yew Tree Dairy Skelmersdale A, E 02/11/2024 Download  




Non-dairy, Third-party CIP Operations Audited

Gregory Distribution Ltd Cullompton 11/01/2023
Llaeth Cymreig Cyf Panlanymor 20/12/2022
Lloyd Fraser Ltd Devizes 04/01/2023
Lloyd Fraser Ltd Four Crosses 12/10/2022
Lloyd Fraser Ltd New Inn 26/07/2022
Wincanton  Cross Hands 02/03/2023
John Mackirdy Ltd Rothesay 02/03/2023
Arla Foods Burton Upon Trent 14/03/2023
Arla Foods Westbury 28/03/2023
JH Willis Ltd Gresford Bank Wrexham 06/04/2023
Wincanton Group Aldermeads 04/05/2023
Freightage Ltd Tidenham 17/05/2023
Freightage Ltd  Endon 17/05/2023
Muller Milk & Ingredients Market Drayton 01/06/2023
Dalton Livestock  Dalton 27/06/2023
Gregory Distribution Ltd North Tawton 29/06/2023
Gregory Distribution Ltd Victoria 29/06/2023
SJ Bargh The Shires, Longton - Denbigh sub-depot 07/09/2023
SJ Bargh Lancaster 12/09/2023


Members of the DTAS Management Committee

Arla Foods (Chair) Gary Elkington garel@arlafoods.com
Arla Foods Rowena Marshall rowm@arlafoods.com
County Milk Products To be appointed  
Dale Farm Adrian Currie Adrian.Currie@dalefarm.co.uk
First Milk Robin Shipton robinshipton@firstmilk.co.uk
Gregory Distribution Phil Forder philf@gdl.uk.com
Independent Assessor Paul Charlton paul.charlton@casolutions.org.uk
Independent Assessor Chris Swain cjswaintransportservices@gmail.com
Meadow  Steve Newton s.newton@meadowfoods.co.uk
MMI Distribution Andy Brookes andy.brookes@muller.co.uk
MMI Distribution Gemma Schofield Gemma.Schofield@muller.co.uk
TP Niven John Whitelaw john.whitelaw@tpniven.co.uk
Red Tractor Assurance Joanna King joanna.king@redtractor.org.uk
Saputo Dairy UK Gosia Johnstone Gosia.Johnstone@Saputo.com
Saputo Dairy UK Wayne Griffiths Wayne.Griffiths@saputo.com
S J Bargh Mark Ferneyhough Mark.Ferneyhough@sjbargh.co.uk
Wincanton Steve Benham steve.benham@wincanton.co.uk
DTAS Management Committee Secretariat Peter Dick pdick@dairyuk.org
Dairy UK Scheme Administrator Ian Wakeling iwakeling@dairyUK.org